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Transform your Business

We integrate Lean, IT and ISO best practices to help IT-empowered businesses reliably achieve dramatic performance gains.

We Integrate

Business Improvement Assessments

With best practices and your business goals in mind, our tailored assessments generate core insights and strategic recommendations. With this base, we help you build a compelling improvement solution that optimizes value and provides the foundation for sustainable improvement.

Business Transformation

Our seamlessly inter-woven process, technology and people-centric solutions reliably delivers impressive and sustainable Business Transformations.

Hoshin Kanri

Used globally to drive transformational change, Hoshin Kanri turbocharges enterprise-wide leadership, organizational alignment, planning and performance management, and relentlessly builds organizational capability.

ISO Management Systems

Our synergistic delivery of Lean streamlining and ISO ’s best practices delivers remarkable and rapid efficiency, quality and sustainability benefits.


We leverage IT best practices and Lean concepts in parallel to deliver seamlessly integrated, innovative technological solutions that provide reliable strategic contributions to your business.


The global gold standard for simultaneously delivering high value, streamlining processes and stripping waste, and instilling a Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) culture.

Training and Education

Our training and education “projects” are tailored for you with one intent: Build the human capability needed to fully realize Business Transformation benefits while achieving targeted performance gains.

Kaizen – Your Competitive Edge

Leading companies demonstrate that sustainability and enterprise – scale continuous improvement confer significant competitive advantage. With that in mind, we help you leverage your initial transformation gains, building the collective mindset, behaviours and systems that provide the foundation for ongoing improvement.


Transformations that meet target

Lean processes and improvement culture

Innovative, well-integrated IT solutions

ISO Best Practices and Certification

Improved customer experience

Superior organizational planning and alignment

Organizational agility and velocity

Improved leadership and talent development

Our Transformation Approach



SyneCxity develops an initial understanding of your business, its vision and goals.  With that in mind, we jointly create a comprehensive plan to objectively assess and benchmark your business.



We assess, benchmark and analyse your business, critically review the results with your leadership, and help them develop a comprehensive, objective and shared understanding of the current and emerging state of the business.


Conceptual Design

Our consultants train and lead a joint Conceptual Design Team to conceptually design the future state of your business, creating a compelling vision of excellence shared and supported by your leadership.


Detailed Design

We provide extensive training to a joint Detailed Design team, and lead them to create and gain buy-in for a launch-ready, detailed future-state business design and transformation roadmap.



SyneCxity provides the rollout structures and the intensive, hands-on training, governance and implementation support needed to ensure that the program stays on track and expectations are met.



We lead the implementation of a suite of best practices that lock-in performance gains, continually improve organizational capability and performance, and embed a solid foundation for sustainability.

Our Operating Values

Working with clients, customers and partners

Show Deep Respect for People

Demonstrate Thought Leadership

Deliver on Promises

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